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RS-ATV Trail Groomer


Remember when snowmobiling got started back in the 70’s?
Oh yes, we all have a laugh or two about the good old days when the snowmobile trails were not groomed. Then along came the snowmobile groomer, bringing a whole new meaning to the words “trail riding”. Introducing the PIRANHA by NORTEC, ATV trail groomer/conditioner. Make your trails something to be proud of. Maintain your trails quickly and easily while making them safe to ride on.
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Make your trails safe and fun to ride. The Piranha removes rock and debris, cuts down moguls, fills in low spots, cuts water runways, brings in material from the sides and back onto the trail, fills in wash-outs, and sets trail grade. Collect rock within the end plates for disposal, or remove the end plates and windrow the rock and material either left or right off the trail. Excellent for corner de-ridging (cutting down the ridge and bringing material back onto the trail.) Remove light brush, weeds and debris. Use the PIRANHA as a trail builder or trail maintainer. PIRANHA does double duty by providing snowmobile trail pre-season trail maintenance.

The Piranha rotor grinds and processes matter, which provides loose and easy to handle material. You may equip the RS with a rear grader blade to move and grade material all in one operation.

Performance Packed Features: A hydraulic angle is standard equipment, with a choice of standard side shields or optional high capacity shields; choice of 3 rotors (6” or 8” diameter), featuring a carbide button PIRANHA tooth or flat bar construction rotor; removable/adjustable material side shields for trail changing conditions; and quick-adjust material bar for proper material flow and grinding action.

Trail Grooming * Trail Conditioning * Trail Maintenance

Remove those dangerous rocks that can be kicked up by the ATV possibly hurting the following ATV drivers. Smooth, level and grade the trails. Pull back the dirt being washed out in the corners.
With the PIRANHA you can operate the machine in either the forward position or angle it left or right. By removing the end plates and angling the machine, the rocks will be moved off the trail. PIRANHA offers either float or ridge center link control as standard equipment.


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